The Sno Ball Shack was founded in 2015 and is a food service trailer that puts a spin on the typical snow cone.  It combines the finest of shave ice with a punch of flavor.  We offer more than just shave ice and are available for birthday parties, wedding receptions, special events, carnivals, parties and more!

We are a family owned business created to provide exceptional customer service and pride of the south. As a young boy growing up in the State of Texas my friends and I would ride our bicycles three to four miles a day just to get one of these cold tasty treats. We had a very well known ice cream shop down the road but we always chose to have the shave ice. After a hard day of tackle football the only thing on our mind was to get a shave ice. 

After moving to Colorado I would always think that something was missing during the summer months. I thought to myself that there was not a good place in the state to go and get a shave ice. It took several years but I finally was able to bring everything together and I created The Sno Ball Shack here in Colorado. 

I want to have the opportunity to bring my childhood treat to you and your family so you can experience the delicious shave ice I had growing up.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon,

The Gonzales Family